ECOJUR is a group of companies and professional offices operating since 1992 in Oradea/Bihor , providing advice and services to companies regarding:

  • legal
  • financial audit
  • fiscal consultancy
  • accounting records
  • payroll and human resources
  • conflict mediation
  • marketing
  • management

Specialized services within the management consultancy branch are focused on how our customers intend to carry out their activity in a rapidly evolving business, management and legal environment.

Our model for businesses provides an integrated solution for the use of methodologies and tools applied consistently, which are provided by our experienced practitioners in each field.

With the help of a group of lawyers, mediators, financial auditors, tax consultants, accounting experts, inspectors, human resources inspectors, marketing experts, we offer advice and services regarding business and management, beginning with the creation of a business, obtaining the necessary permits and authorizations for operation, drawing up contracts and various legal documents necessary for the business, negotiation services, keeping accounting books, fiscal consultancy, acquiring the necessary documents for financing, personnel documents, payroll, financial audit, management consultancy and training, drawing up business plans, feasibility studies, marketing studies, conflict mediation, representation in court, enforcement of debts, etc.

We assist and advise our clients in all acts of management, focusing on business domains which involve not only short-term benefits, but long-term cumulative value.

Our company is capable of providing assistance to its clients, by advising them regarding decision making procedures, drawing up feasibility studies, offering alternative options (ideas), helping them in establishing connections with local partners, carrying out complex procedures which would enable access to funding programmes.

Each and every one of our company’s departments has its own specific purpose. They are a testimony of our experience, professional conduct, promoted through a system in which efficiency is fundamental in order to obtain profit (maximise profit).

The group has been formed on the basis of an interdisciplinary matrix in which specialists provide customers with assistance, coordinating all the phases of a business, from entering and continuing with maintaining a position on the market.

Our personnel is made up of Romanian professionals, who speak at least one international circulation language (English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian).